My 1972 VW Bug

(A work in progress...)

my 1972 vw bug

Hey it's my car!

It may not look like much now but it sure will.

In case you may be wondering it is a 1972 vw bug.

that's a bad bushing

What you see to the left is a control arm bushing that has been needing to

be repaired a long time ago. Now of course it has been replaced but not put back in the car yet.

The control arm in its place.

My friend and I felt like putting the control arm back in. Just hope it stays that way for a while.

It is not as easy as it looks.

Here is a picture of my friend installing the brakes.

Together for now.

Here she is back together again. My friend and I put the brakes back in place and packed the bushing. I still need to get a new wheel cylinder. The brakes also need to be bled before they work right.

We gave her a spin yesterday and we found that it needs to be realigned badly. The transmission needs a little work but other than that the essentials are done.

Is it just me or is there something missing?

Today I got around to taking my seats out and cleaning that carpet.

How long has that been there!

As you can see above I need to get some new carpet for the back.

I need some work here!

Soon hopefully I will be fixing my dash up as well.

Aren't they cute?

It's my floor mats!

Hey every body out there in cyber land! I took the bug out for a spin a few days ago and found I need to change the other control arm bushing. It still makes a nasty metal rubbing sound when you go over a bump. After you get up to second gear it starts to shake a bunch. After I change that bushing it should be better.

It is me again I have the car up on jack stands and have the tire off. I am having a bunch of trouble trying to get the sway bar bolt off. Hopefully today I will be able to get the control arm out of there.

As you can see above is that control arm I wanted to get out so badly.

See what years of driving on a broken bushing do to the pin inside?

That's right it creates tons of divots and that wear away at the rubber around it.

I think it took a toll on the ball joint as well.

Today I dropped the control arm off at the machine shop.

I have finally got to putting that arm back in.

Soon I will be able to take my car to my auto body class to get some real work done.

I just got this big boat in front of my car right now...

As you see my car is in the drive way soon to be Auto body class.

Here are some more photos of my car:

Here you can see some damage that will be repaired.

I'm really not looking forward to fixing that trunk lid...

Not too much work here...


This is my car at my auto body class. As you can see I have been busy.

Hey no fender.

It's a bug motor.

click to view full size

Bug wiring...sort of.

click to view full size image

It is hard to tell but, that is my starter and the two red wires with alligator clips

are the previous owner's idea of a fix.

I've repiared the orginal ignition switch and removed the extra wires.

I have finally got around to replacing that terible front apron with a new repodution one.

click to view full size

The original front apron was smashed. The frame was bent pretty well too. So I removed the spot welds and tore off the old apron. Now the New apron is taked in place. I just got to finish straighting the sheet metal. I'll post a picture when I get the chance.

Here are a few pictures of my car back in the garage. Sorry for the picture quality. When I get the chance I will take some better ones.

See the Wiring Diagram for my new alarm

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