Caleb's Compaq 2254 on drugs

It all started when a good friend of mine asked me to help this very computer many years before. It was an all right computer at the time. They only used it for internet access and some instant messaging. However on this occasion they had purchased a new computer and no loonger needed this old dog. What was I to do? I had no need for a k-6 266mhz computer with 32mb of ram. Thus the overclocking began!

I quickly added 32mb of ram increasing it to it's maximum capcity of 64mb of ram. Then I played around with the voltages and set them to the recommened 2.2v core and 3.3 i/o. After that I overclocked it to 300mhz.

knowing that this would not sufficent I bought a k6-3 380mhz cpu on ebay. It will be arriving shortly. In preporation of the new much faster processor I took a few steps to ensure that the computer could handle the added heat. I began by adding an extra fan to the power supply. Then I replaced the orginal heatsink with a heatsink that had a fan on it. From there, I added a rather complex cardboard duct. This directs the heat to exit the computer faster.

The next step was adding a very powerful fan to the back of the case to drop the overall tempature of the computer. A fan was also added to the front of the case to get some good cross ventalation going. With these added cooling solutions there should be no problems with heat.

Whats next? A faster hard drive? A better cd-rom? Who knows? All I know know is this computer is no ordanairy outdated computer...