Welcome to Caleb's Osborne Page!

The Osborne Computer Corporation released this beast in April of 1981.

The OS ready to work

Here the os is ready to work.

The os ready to travel

Here the OS is ready to travel!

Something diffrent?

Notice something diffrent about this one?

That's right. It is an OScool Fan.

See the diffrence? Normaly there is just a slot you open to let air go through. But these guys had problem with heat so this company made the Oscool Fan to correct the over heating problem.

Here is the OCC-1 with the 81 column display adapter and double density floppy controller.

Here is a better shot of the 81 column display card and double density floppy card.

See the small connecter on the right side? That is for the ext. video. It works better than having to carry an adapter with you.

This slot works pretty good for carring the power cord.

Thanks for viewing my osborne one computer.

Model: OCC-1
Introduced: April 1981
Price: US $1795
Weight: 24.5 pounds
CPU: Zilog Z80, 4.0 MHz
Display: built-in 5" green monitor
53 X 24 text
Ports: parallel/IEEE-488 interface
modem/serial port, video out.
Peripherals: optional 300 baud modem
Storage: two internal floppy
drives, 5-1/4 inch, 91K each

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