How to make J-tubes from Factory Heater boxes

So let me start with some back story… while I was working at Hurricane Electric I had a lot of idle time and one day during some idle time I happen to have been browsing around online. Give that Hurricane Electric is an internet company this would not be that unusual. I came across Back Yard Metal Casting, I read the post about what got him started in Metal Casting and then, proceeded to read everything else on his site. I stored the idea metal casting into my someday file and forgot all about it. I’ve been slowly building a small (Small is a relative term, in this case “small” is small in comparison to a small full service car shop sans lift {in the someday file}) collection of tools. A few months ago I purchased a collection of air tools and a large air tank. I got board one day and worked on my car. I happen to have some heater boxes laying around in my back from when I swapped my engine into my car. I’ve been collecting parts for a performance engine for a number years and have just recently got my brand new engine into my garage. This engine being a performance engine I wanted to run without heater boxes. I thought to myself “A heater box most have a J-tube in it right?” So I busted out the grinder and went to town on the backyard fresh heater box.

Plump and ripe for the picking.

For forty years this heater box provided warm air to cold passangers, it has no idea what is about to happen.

After the carnage you are left with a nice J-tube trapped inside a cold cast aluminum fined tomb. We have to save it! In this photo you can this heater boxes cousin that has already gone through the fires of hell and has come back free from the evil aluminum tomb.
You wouldn't believe how much lighter this makes these things...

Naked heater box core post cut off wheel

Now I placed the freshly picked entombed J-tube in the fires of Hades for about an hour. I did both sides in one evening.

Fires of Hades meet entombed J-tube.

It's a wonderous sight to behold.

Soon you’ll have hot molten aluminum dripping into your ash catcher on your Weber so be sure to clean it out between castings…

I wonder if I can make killing with these on ebay?

Winter wonderland or ?

So now all you got to do is wait for it to cool clean them up with a wire brush and get them ceramic coated… I’ll update when I get mine back.

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