µCurrent unboxing and testing

I have been watching EEVBlog (Dave Jones) videos for quite a while on youtube. I think I am up to date now. At any rate when he started his Kickstarter campaign for a new batch I jumped on it. Today I finally got it. SO I will give you a tour of my new µCurrent.

ucurrent address

Starting to dig in.

return address

Pink padding always a winner.

Pink bubbles

Fudge and rulers…

fudge and rulers

Hey it’s Dave’s Signature

Daves Signature

I got number 28

Ucurrent 28

Lots of fun accessory’s

Everyting but

Nice looking µCurrent

the complete kit

I think it looks better horizontal.

the complete kit 2

The µCurrent looks good in gold!

Hello Ucurrent

The complete Early signed addition.

Mmm pretty

The first test with my new µCurrent. An indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity sensor.

one more for gd measure

Lets try it on a scope! Yes I am testing on my kitchen counter.

Lets trya scope

Testing a Garmin Glo Bluetooth GPS on my µCurrent. Look at that waveform!

another shot

Testing the draw on my Game of life display.

GOL draw

It topped out at about 1.2 amps.

Draw 2

I made a youtube video showing it in action.

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